Wrap-Around Support

We embrace the whole child by forming a circle of resources and support around the child’s family, school and community.

What We Support

For children to thrive and develop to their full capacity, high-quality academics are essential but not sufficient. That’s why we provide wrap-around support for students, pre-K through eighth grade, to improve their social and emotional well-being and their nutrition. In the District of Columbia’s Wards 7 and 8, for example, we aim to reach 2,000 students annually by 2020 with school mental health supports and services. Our work encompasses:

  • Practice — Developing and implementing innovative approaches to school-led partnerships with high-quality wrap-around service providers
  • Policy — Working with advocates and policymakers to adopt promising and proven mental health and nutrition standards and practices for students in D.C.
  • Research — Partnering with researchers in fields such as social-emotional development, mental health, nutrition and summer learning to identify innovative approaches and evaluate the services we provide

Our Programs

Improving Access to Healthy Food
Equipping Educators With Research-Based Instructional Framework
Strengthening School Mental Health Supports
Sponsoring Freedom Schools Program in Park Heights, Baltimore


Learn how we measure success across our focus areas and initiatives.