Core Values

Informed by the Foundation’s founders, the following core values form the fabric of our culture, support every component of our work and paint a picture of who we strive to be every day.

Stable across time and serving as our cultural compass, our core values help us align our actions in a disciplined way that contributes to our mission and vision, allowing us to drive meaningful, sustainable change. Further supported by our organizational priority of advancing diversity, equity and inclusion and becoming an antiracist organization, our values articulate how we individually and collectively engage in our work — both internally among our staff and externally in concert with our partners and the communities we serve. We encourage unique and diverse perspectives across our work. And we aspire and commit to embodying our four core values in both practice and spirit to strengthen our culture and — ultimately — better serve children and families.

Continuous Learning

Embrace change and pursue growth

  • Seek opportunities to broaden knowledge and experience
  • Intentionally reflect
  • Integrate new insights and feedback


Be authentic and consistent

  • Align words and actions
  • Own successes and mistakes
  • Speak the truth that is constructive


Connect and unite around shared purpose

  • Recognize and maximize the strengths of all stakeholders
  • Listen actively and openly
  • Find and implement solutions together


Be accountable and persistent

  • Know when to stay the course and when to adapt
  • Fully engage and follow through
  • Be responsive, dependable and timely

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