Our Team

Dana Bowman
Associate, Human Resources
Michelle Kumi
Manager, Grants
Henrena Brunson
Director, DEI, Culture and Talent Development
Melanie Litchfield
Senior Manager, ACE Academy
Ines Burbulis
Grants Manager, Family Philanthropy
Clara Northington
Vice President, Human Resources
Breanna Byecroft
Manager, Family Philanthropy and Board Administration
Leila Otis
Chief Financial Officer
Candace Carrington
Corporate Paralegal
Miyesha Perry
Director, Grants Management
Mae Cheung
Vice President, Operations and General Counsel
Rosa Poustinchi
Manager, Accounting
Rebecca Cisek
Vice President, Organizational Learning and Effectiveness
Kathryn Ryce
Senior Accounting Manager
Kasey Clark
Director of Operations, Bainum Foundation Farm
Suni Sidhu
Grants Systems Analyst
Beth Conrad
Senior Manager, Grants
Amanda Smith
Senior Director, Operations
Marica Cox Mitchell
Vice President, Early Childhood
Kelly Smith
Senior Advisor, Organizational Transformation
Andrew Curtis
Director, Information Technology
Kiel Smith
Community Engagement Coordinator
David Daniels
Chief Executive Officer and President
Amy Soper
Director, Organizational Learning and Effectiveness
Angie Deeds
Senior Director, Finance
Phillip Sumby
Systems Administrator
Marybeth Degrave
Senior Manager, Accounting
Tonya Taylor
Director of Production, Bainum Foundation Farm
Tina Dokken
Executive Assistant and Manager, Board Operations
Haroni Tewolde
Associate, Operations
Latesha Durkins
Senior Manager, Early Childhood Direct Services
Mika Thornton
Associate, Communications
Ann Egan
Senior Director, Communications
Victoria Treski
Director, Food Security Initiative
Virginia Gentilcore
Director, Family Philanthropy and Events
Toakase Vunileva
Director, ACE Academy
Alexa Griffin
Manager, Early Childhood
Monae Wilmore
Associate, Early Childhood
Zac Herzog
Senior Manager, Operations