About Us

A society where all children thrive.
Mission: We work alongside communities experiencing racial and economic disparities to create lasting systems change ​for the well-being of ​children and families.

For more than five decades, the Bainum Family Foundation has invested in the well-being of children and families, evolving our strategy over the years to reflect new thinking and learning and changing community needs. 

Centuries of racist policies and practices continue to disrupt every aspect of development and well-being for Black and brown children throughout the United States. Far too often, these children and their families have been intentionally denied resources and a say in the decisions that impact their lives. The Bainum Family Foundation aims to change these unjust conditions and mitigate their consequences. 

We know there is tremendous power, expertise and lived experience within every community. The adults who nurture Black and brown children — family members, teachers and other caregivers — want the best for their children and actively seek the solutions and conditions they need in order to thrive.  

We build on these strengths by investing in lasting systems change to benefit communities experiencing racial and economic disparities. Bringing our resources and support, we work alongside these communities to jointly identify comprehensive solutions, both immediate and long term. 

The foundation’s approach aligns with our commitment to becoming a more antiracist organization. By showing up differently as a funder, we strive to create lasting change for communities.