Family Philanthropy

The foundation’s Family Philanthropy team supports and oversees the giving programs established by our founders, Stewart Sr. and Jane Bainum, for subsequent generations of their family (currently three generations), as well as the individual philanthropic efforts of family members. Family Philanthropy carries forward the philanthropic commitment of the founders while allowing family members flexibility in the causes they support.  

Global Education Fund

The Global Education Fund (GEF) was established by a Bainum family member to enhance access to quality early care and education for young children around the world. Since 2015, the GEF has supported three cohorts of grantees conducting multiyear projects in different countries of focus, primarily in Africa and Asia.  

In the current phase of its funding, the GEF is prioritizing projects in which the work is driven primarily by and with local communities, with the goal of serving children and families as well as sharing knowledge and innovation. Several new initiatives are focused on home-based child care, including in refugee settings, because of the potential to increase equity. The fund also has expanded its geographic scope, with projects now located across Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and Central America. It also continues to support globally-focused organizations advocating for better early childhood policies and services and more public sector investment, as well as programs developing the next generation of early childhood leaders and advocates around the world.

Other Funds and Programs

Family Philanthropy also administers the G3 Fund, a fund established by Stewart Bainum Sr. for his grandchildren (Generation 3, or G3) to collectively engage in grantmaking. This fund currently focuses on climate change and environmental justice. 

The Family Fund, also established by Stewart Bainum Sr., encourages family members from all generations to come together and engage in philanthropy. This fund prioritizes support for educational programs that assist children and youth, from birth to age 18, and their families.

In addition, all generations of the Bainum family are able to donate annually to nonprofit organizations of their choice through the Generational Giving Program. 

West Coast Projects

To mirror the foundation’s work in Washington, D.C., and other communities in the eastern United States, a group of Bainum family members has engaged in early childhood projects with partners on the West Coast. The foundation currently supports partnerships with:

  • North Seattle College Early Childhood Education Bachelor of Applied Science
  • Pathwaves WA
  • Seattle University Youth Initiative Early Learning Program
  • Children’s Council of San Francisco 

All programs under Family Philanthropy have an invitation-only grant-application process.