Knowledge Building

To provide the greatest good for the greatest number of children and families, we must ensure that both the Foundation and our partners incorporate best practices — in early childhood development and early learning, as well as in measurement and evaluation — into our work. To do so, it is essential to enhance both training in best practices and research and development of new innovations.

What We Support

We will achieve this goal through the following work:

  • Community Engagement — The Foundation is committed to authentic engagement with communities, including families, service providers and other neighborhood stakeholders. To that end, the Foundation will not only gather demographic data, but will engage community members in conversation and listening sessions to genuinely understand community strengths, needs and priorities. Learn more.
  • Research — Understanding new trends and emerging best practices in the fields of early learning and wrap-around services is critical to improving support for children and families and will be a key area of focus for the Foundation
  • Program Evaluation — Assessing the quality of implementation and examining outcomes is essential to learning and promoting success. Learn more.
  • Knowledge Sharing — Sharing evidence-based practices with parents, teachers and service providers will ensure that lessons learned can be applied in improving support for children across our communities. Learn more.


Learn how we measure success across our focus areas and initiatives.