Wrap-Around Support

The Bainum Family Foundation provides wrap-around support for partner elementary school children in pre-K to third grade to improve the skills and social and emotional well-being needed for effective learning and healthy development. We believe that for children to thrive and develop to their full capacity, high-quality academics are essential but not sufficient. Developing physical, creative, expressive, social and emotional knowledge and skills requires a set of additional experiences and supports that go well beyond quality classroom instruction.

What The Research Says

Researchers define wrap-around services as a school-based approach to promoting students’ academic success by developing or securing and coordinating supports that target academic and nonacademic barriers to achievement. These resources range from expanded learning opportunities (e.g., in the arts, music and dance) to more comprehensive services, such as counseling, tutoring and mentoring. Physical health is critical to academic and social-emotional success as well, and access to healthy, nutritious food is a major priority that must be addressed. While these supports take many forms, integration is key to the model — both integration of supports to meet individual students’ needs and program integration into the life of a school.

What We Support

The Foundation takes a child-centric approach, meaning that the interests of the child take precedence in all programmatic decisions, and that parents play the most meaningful role in shaping a child’s experiences. In addition, the Foundation recognizes that schools often play a central role in families’ lives as trusted and familiar resources. We recognize that no entity alone can provide all of the resources needed to develop and deliver this broad array of experiences and services. Therefore, we invest in developing a strong ecosystem of providers to serve in partnerships with schools by pursuing the following:

  1. PRACTICE — We develop and implement innovative approaches to school-led partnerships with high-quality wrap-around service providers.
  2. POLICY — We work with advocates and policymakers to adopt promising and proven standards and practices for all low-income students in D.C.
  3. RESEARCH — We partner with researchers in fields such as social-emotional development, mental wellness, nutrition and summer learning to identify innovative approaches and evaluate the services we provide.