Bainum Foundation Farm

Our food-security work began in 2015 when the Bainum family donated 263 acres of farmland in Middleburg, Virginia, to the foundation — offering us a unique opportunity to directly address food security challenges in the D.C. metropolitan area. Operating independently as a limited liability company, the Bainum Foundation Farm had partnered with and been supported by our Food Security team. In recent years, the Farm was vital in producing 160,000 pounds of fruits, vegetables, and herbs for processors and distributors across the D.C. area. Following our strategic shift in 2022, the Farm continues to operate as a separate entity but has also updated its strategy to ensure programmatic alignment with the foundation as one of its Legacy Programs. The Farm strategy hones in on three of its existing efforts: food production, education and training, and ecological revitalization — all of which aim to support the local communities on and around its land. Learn more about the Farm’s strategic shift.