Bainum Family Foundation Applauds White House Care Executive Order but Cautions, More Work Needs to be Done to Support Early Childhood Education

WASHINGTON — On Tuesday, April 18 President Biden signed an Executive Order directing federal agencies to find ways to make child care less expensive and more accessible. Bainum Family Foundation Vice President of Early Childhood Marica Cox Mitchell issued the following statement:

“We are pleased that the White House is taking steps to improve child care affordability and support early childhood educators. This is a universal challenge for U.S. families with young children, and we applaud any effort to reduce costs while boosting options for families.

“We caution that families and early childhood professionals want government leaders to do more than tinker around the edges of the current system. They are eager for transformative change. They want a publicly funded child care system based on what young children need to develop, which is much more than what working families can afford. The transformation they are seeking will require bolder action and bipartisan leadership in Congress.”

In 2022, the Bainum Family Foundation seeded and supported the launch of WeVision EarlyEd, an initiative that brings families, educators and administrators together to re-envision what child care could be. WeVision EarlyEd outlines the five core mindset shifts needed to transform child care, and it will fund real-world solutions to child care’s most urgent problems.