National podcast visits D.C. to get local perspective on child care crisis

Lemonada Media visited the District of Columbia on May 3 as part of an eight-city tour for season three of its hit podcast, No One Is Coming to Save Us (NOICTSU). Launched in 2021, NOICTSU is a weekly podcast covering America’s child care crisis and the people of all ages who are crushed by it. Every Thursday, veteran reporter Gloria Riviera examines what’s broken in the system and how we can work together to fix it.

The eight podcasts, all recorded live before studio audiences, premiered on June 22. The locations chosen represent communities where people are fighting to fix child care, with the goal of sharing learnings learned with the podcast’s national audience.

The live podcast in D.C. was sponsored by the Bainum Family Foundation, The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation, and DCTV. Guests for the D.C. podcast included:  

  • Marica Cox Mitchell, Vice President of Early Childhood, Bainum Family Foundation 
  • BB Otero, Senior Advisor to the Under 3 DC coalition
  • LaShada Ham-Cambell, owner of Petit Scholars, with five child care centers in D.C. 

Listen to the podcast here and stay tuned for D.C.’s episode!