Impact Across Generations:
A Half-Century Powered by Partnership

On December 30, 2018, the Bainum Family Foundation officially turns 50 years old. To commemorate this important milestone, we hosted a special event on Tuesday, December 4, to highlight our half-century philanthropic journey and the powerful connection between our past and current work.

Embodying our anniversary theme “Impact Across Generations,” the event began with a screening of “Dream,” a documentary film featuring the Foundation’s first major program (the I Have A Dream Program). That was followed by a panel discussion among five of our past grantees who have long served children and families in D.C.’s Wards 7 and 8, where much of the Foundation’s work also is focused. The event concluded with an award ceremony, during which we honored those same grantees with “Impact Across Generations” awards — with each award accompanied by a $20,000 grant to help advance their important work in our community. We were pleased to honor:


In his opening remarks, the Foundation’s Chief Operating Officer David Daniels, told guests, “We are able to stand here today, reflecting on the past and planning for the future, not solely because of our own efforts, but because of the many individuals and organizations that have been on this journey with us, and that includes all of you. And so we thank you for your partnership and your commitment to helping children living in poverty to learn, grow and thrive.”

He also recognized the Foundation’s founders, Stewart and Jane Bainum, and thanked the Bainum family for their continued commitment to the Foundation’s work. “Mr. and Mrs. Bainum grew up in humble circumstances and lived through the Great Depression. But with persistence and a lot of hard work, they built an incredible legacy — a family, successful business enterprises and a Foundation that has worked for decades to help children overcome hardships and reach their potential. The Bainums’ philanthropic spirit and belief in the potential of all children permeates our work and continues to inspire us daily.”

About the film

“Dream” is a short film that tells the story of the “I Have a Dream” program in Washington, D.C. Sponsored by the Bainum Family Foundation from 1988 to 1994, this program promised college scholarships — and a range of supports — to 67 rising seventh-graders at Kramer Junior High School in Southeast D.C. to encourage them to graduate from high school and pursue higher education. The inspiring film catches up with the “Dreamers” and program leaders almost 20 years after the program ended to discuss the students’ achievements, their struggles and their reflections on growing up in D.C. amid pervasive violence and instability, but with boundless hope and resilience. The insights gathered from the Dreamers were instrumental in shaping the Foundation’s current strategy, including its commitment to early learning and wrap-around supports for children.

Watch the “Dream” film here.

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