Inclusive Education Made Easy with the Instructional Framework Tool

While summer is often seen as a downtime for teachers, many educators use the opportunity to prepare for the upcoming school year. The Bainum Family Foundation is making curriculum planning a little easier for educators through its Instructional Framework (IF) website. The recently launched platform is specifically designed for English/Language Arts K-8 grade teachers. The IF is a free resource that provides a variety of tools  to enhance teaching methods and promote student engagement. The IF website has a focus on standards-based instruction, inclusivity, and cultural responsiveness. It offers a research-based best practice rubric describing these behaviors in action, as well as training videos and grade-level materials that help teachers integrate the practices into their classrooms.

Inclusivity and cultural responsiveness play a vital role in education, as they foster an environment where every student feels valued, respected, and empowered. In today’s classrooms, students come from various cultural, linguistic, and socio-economic backgrounds. Inclusivity and cultural responsiveness allow educators to recognize and address the unique needs of each student, ensuring that all learners have equal access to educational opportunities.

From the start, the IF tool was informed by gaps in the classroom. It was created and implemented by teachers. IF resources ensure that teachers can deliver targeted and effective instruction tailored to the specific needs of their students. Whether it’s a list of culturally responsive text suggestions, lesson plan ideas, assessments, or power point trainings, educators can access a comprehensive suite of resources to maximize their overall effectiveness.

“The purpose of The Instructional Framework is to make things easier for teachers. You’re constantly getting better as a teacher, and your students only benefit from that,” said LaKeisha Dickerson, seventh-grade teacher at George E. Peters Adventist School.

When teachers are effectively prepared to plan and deliver standards-based instruction, the potential for student achievement and academic excellence increases and ultimately, all students feel empowered. By offering research-informed best practices, grade-specific resources, and flexible integration options, this free platform equips teachers with the necessary tools to create equitable and effective learning environments.

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