Seventh-day Adventist Initiative

To honor our founders’ commitment to faith-based education, the Foundation’s Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Initiative works to support Adventist schools, churches, hospitals and other organizations in creating environments where all children and families have equitable opportunities and resources to thrive.   

While the Foundation has supported faith-based education and Adventist schools since the very beginning, the SDA Initiative’s approach and partnerships have evolved over the years in response to the shifting needs of the SDA community and the Foundation’s overall strategy — moving from direct services to investments in sustainable impact. (Learn more about that journey by reading our Bainum Brief  “Realigning a Legacy: Foundation Refocuses Long-Standing Commitment to Faith-Based Education.” ) 

Today, our SDA work comprises two key efforts: ACE Academy and SDA Community Investments. 

ACE Academy

Developed in 2015, Advancing Christian Education (ACE) Academy works to co-design, deliver and support data-driven talent management systemsfor professionals within the Adventist education community. Through strategic partnerships, ACE Academy extends growth and development opportunities while also creating a community for collaboration, camaraderie and connection. By equipping, empowering and bringing together these education professionals, ACE Academy aims to advance its ultimate goal: Ensuring all students have equitable opportunities to learn and be successful in school and life. 

Our efforts span three focus areas:  

Leadership Excellence
Strong leaders are a vital component of strong organizations — including schools. We currently run the ACE Academy Leadership Coaching Program, a two-year program heavily focused on equity that trains experienced principals to be leadership coaches for newer principals. 

Instructional Excellence
Delivering developmentally appropriate, culturally responsive and individualized learning opportunities is paramount for students’ success. We worked with other educators to develop the Instructional Framework for 21st-Century Educators, which identifies instructional best practices for teachers and provides unified grade-level expectations and measurable learning targets to assess student success and compare outcomes with those of students nationwide. 

Operational Excellence
Thriving organizations leverage effective operational practices to support their overall strategy. We invest in helping partners think through the many components and resources needed to achieve their mission and vision — from pursuing potential partnerships and funding streams, to creating processes and procedures to achieve equitable and sustainable outcomes for students in schools. 

SDA Community Investments

In addition to the education system, other Adventist organizations — such as churches and hospitals — serve as a valuable resource in supporting children and families. We have two intentions with our work within the Adventist community: 

  1. Equip organizations with the power and resources they need to deliver equitable, high-quality education, wrap-around support and health care
  2. Support networking and collaboration across entities to support systems-level change 

Through our partnerships with schools, churches and hospitals, all SDA Initiative efforts are focused on increasing efficiencies so all children and families receive equitable and effective services and supports.