Bainum Brief, Volume 1
Realigning a Legacy: Foundation Refocuses Long-Standing Commitment to Faith-Based Education

Although we’re not a faith-based organization, for most of our 51-year existence the Bainum Family Foundation has supported faith-based education as part of our mission. Founders Stewart and Jane Bainum credited their success in life to their education at Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) boarding schools, inspiring them to establish the Foundation in 1968 to give children living in poverty the opportunity to obtain a quality education.

In 2015, we introduced a new strategy and shifted our focus from older children and teens to early childhood (ages 0 to 8), acknowledging the need to reach children earlier with quality learning and vital wrap-around supports to give them a stronger foundation and better chance of success throughout life. Our priorities also shifted from an emphasis on individual impact to system impact. These changes prompted reexamination and realignment of our work in faith-based education. This Bainum Brief captures that change process and shares insights that could help other organizations going through similar transitions.