Bainum Family Philanthropy’s Response to the Key Bridge Collapse

The Bainum Family and its philanthropies express their profound sadness over the collapse of Baltimore’s Key Bridge. They recognize the gravity of this tragedy and its far-reaching impact, not only on the families who have tragically lost loved ones, but also on the wider region. With lifelong ties to Maryland, they felt compelled to unite and act swiftly for their Maryland community.  

In response, the Bainum Family philanthropies have committed $700,000 to the Baltimore Community Foundation, aiming to provide immediate and direct assistance to those most in need. Additionally, the Bainum Family Foundation is proud to have joined as a partner in the Maryland Tough Baltimore Strong Alliance (MTBSA), a cross-sector collaboration of philanthropic, business, and community leaders committed to ensuring a full recovery following this tragedy and chaired by Maryland Governor, Wes Moore. This collective action underscores an unwavering commitment to supporting and uplifting the local and regional communities, especially in times of adversity.