Developing Leaders in Adventist Education Through ACE Academy

ACE Academy Leadership Coaching Program
Take Your Leadership to the Next Level

Apply by May 31, 2019

The Advancement for Christian Education (ACE) Academy Leadership Coaching Program — developed by the NYC Leadership Academy (NYCLA) and the Bainum Family Foundation — is designed for school administrators looking to maximize their impact and achieve their full leadership potential. Leaders will build skills to navigate the dynamic challenges of leading a 21st-century school, including how to balance stakeholders, grow through their own leadership experiences and confront inequities so all students can thrive.

ACE Academy will train and certify leadership coaches from the Columbia Union. During this two-year program, each coach will be paired with a school administrator and provide one-on-one training to:

  • Instill the practice of purposeful reflection
  • Enhance the leader’s ability to navigate and lead change
  • Develop the leader’s independence
  • Support the leader’s ability to sustain behavioral change in himself or herself and others

We are currently seeking applications from school administrators within the Columbia Union to participate as coachees.

Apply to receive ACE Academy Leadership coaching