Family Philanthropy Initiative

Our founders, Stewart Bainum Sr. and Jane Bainum, were very intentional about passing along their commitment to supporting the community. The Foundation’s Family Philanthropy Initiative ensures that subsequent generations of the Bainum family find their unique place in advancing the legacy of our founders and helping others. 

As the Foundation strives to build an equitable society that supports all children and families, the three components of our Family Philanthropy Initiative embody this sentiment while allowing family members flexibility with the causes they support. 

  • The Family Fund ― The Family Fund Committee was established to encourage the family members, across all generations, to come together and engage in philanthropy. Consisting of 10 family members, the committee’s current focus is on supporting education programs and projects that assist children and youth, from birth through age 18, who have historically been systematically excluded from power, resources and opportunity. They prioritize funding for programs that focus on one or all researched-based domains of development: social, emotional, physical and intellectual. 
  • The G3 Fund ― As a way to encourage the third generation of the family (grandchildren of the founders) to collectively engage in a philanthropic cause of their choosing, Stewart Bainum, Sr. established the G3 Fund. Managed by five members of the family, the committee provides funding to organizations that align with their focus. In 2019, the committee adopted a new, three-year focus on reducing carbon emissions, agricultural sustainability, and ecological conservation and restoration. Previously, the G3 Fund focused on addressing hunger and food insecurity in the Washington, D.C., area by funding organizations that address the root causes of poverty — including housing, employment, education and sustainable infrastructure 
  • Generational Giving Program ― In addition to the G3 Fund, the Bainum family members (of all generations) are able to donate to nonprofit organizations of their choosing through the Generational Giving Program, which allocates funds annually. Based on criteria set for each generation, these funds may be matching or nonmatching grants. 

The Global Education Fund

In 2014, Bruce Bainum, a son of our founders, established the Global Education Fund to address education issues across the world, including early childhood development, early primary education, and education for women and girls. Through this fund, we partner with and support organizations that prioritize children in developing countries who are marginalized and lack access to quality care and early education opportunities. Historically, we have assisted children in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia through an initial group of partners. 

In these partnerships, we supported projects that enhanced access to high-quality early childhood development centers in low-income communities and refugee camps. When we entered our second (and current) phase of our work, we expanded into India. There, we support “systems strengthening” organizations that focus on regional coordination and advocacy work and help complement the programmatic work of our direct-service partners. 

West Coast Projects

To mirror the Foundation’s work in Washington, D.C. and other communities in the eastern United States, family members have engaged in early learning projects with three partners on the West Coast: 

  • Children’s Council (San Francisco) ― Family Child Care Business Incubator program 
  • Seattle Colleges Foundation: North Seattle College’s Early Childhood Education Bachelor of Applied Science Degree Program 
  • Seattle University’s Youth Initiative under the University’s Center for Community Engagement