Two Different Countries, One Chronic Problem

Half a world away, malnourished children face an endless series of shortcomings and obstacles preventing them from reaching their full potential — and we are facing the same situation right here in the District of Columbia. This compelling article from the Huffington Post (“These 2 Boys Were Born The Same Day In The Same Town, But Their Lives Will Be Dramatically Different“) discusses malnutrition and its pivotal effect on child development and future success, including stunting, schooling and future job performance.

At the Bainum Family Foundation, we support the whole child by providing wrap-around supports to bolster learning and academic success. In one of our latest initiatives, we are tackling food insecurity in the District’s Wards 7 and 8 by partnering with Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture and growing produce at our very own Bainum Foundation Farm. Learn more about our Farm and how we are increasing access to affordable, healthy food in low-income neighborhoods.