Mission Made Possible: Highlighting Our Strong, Supported Staff

The Foundation has a long, rich history of serving children in poverty through the generous, multigenerational commitment of the Bainum family. As we approach 2018, which will mark our 50th year of operations, and as we make progress toward our 2020 strategic plan, launched in 2015, we believe it’s important to briefly pause and celebrate the key players who make our work possible — our staff.

Each employee makes a meaningful impact. And together, we make our mission a reality. But our mission is no small task. In order to achieve large-scale social change, we must be intentional about how we operate, how we collaborate and who we hire. A strong internal culture drives greater external impact, which is why we’re whole-heartedly dedicated to our role as an employer. And in this role, we understand the need to continuously grow and improve for both our staff and the communities we serve.

‘Join Our Team’

To highlight this commitment and provide more comprehensive information for job applicants, we are excited to introduce the new “Join Our Team” section on our website. The content on these pages was developed with the input of many of our employees. We believe it captures the essence of who we are as an employer and the collaborative culture we intentionally shape and foster. Take a look here.

This new section of our website is only the beginning. We recently changed our job-related training policy to further embed our core value of continuous learning. We offer meaningful perks like flex time, the ability to work from home and paid family leave to enhance work/life integration. We use a cascading goal-setting system to create alignment and ensure both individual and organizational growth and success. And those are just a few components of our ongoing journey. We’ve had successes and encountered stumbling blocks along the way, and we surely have more of both ahead. But now, we want to step out and transparently share our story as it unfolds.

Coming Up

So what’s next? Connect with us on LinkedIn, where you’ll find job openings at the Foundation and you’ll soon see regular updates from our Senior Director of Talent and Organizational Development. Keep up with all of our news and insights on our blog by visiting it directly, subscribing to our RSS feed or following us on Medium. We already have a few exciting ideas and efforts in the works, so be sure to stay tuned.